Multi Channels Asia operates three business divisions

On a case by case consideration and subject to MCA’s due diligence criteria, MCA will research and evaluate new Pay TV channels we believe have the potential for acceptance across Asia and the Pacific. Based on our experience, we initially test the regional market through pre-positioning and pre-launch marketing. If industry feedback and acceptance meets expectations and viable financial model, MCA possesses the ability to fund a Preview Channel service (a limited defined run of the channel on a regional broadcast satellite). Upon achieving proof-of-concept during the Preview Channel period, MCA will exercise its option to acquire a pre-determined equity position in the channel or all rights to the channel for distribution throughout Asia and the Pacific.

1. Identify channel genre and target audience not currently served
2. Identify television service that fits the genre and evaluate the programming proposition.
3. Market Research including marketing and pre-sales
4. Negotiate deal terms to create and launch Preview Channel
5. During or at end of Preview Channel – exercise equity
6. MCA launches the linear 24 x 7 channel within 6-9 months

MCA also distributes other third party Pay TV channels across the region. Channels that are proven with strong programming and branding in their home markets are always of interest to MCA. We invite all international television channels looking to launch in Asia Pacific to work with us. It is preferable that channels we distribute have been broadcasting for several years and have solid financial backing to build the distribution that it takes to secure carriage.
Our Consultancy services are quite distinct and range from simple market and industry research, pre-launch channel advisory, to financial modeling and tactical launch planning for specific countries. Additionally, our projects are not entirely dedicated to linear television channel launches as we regularly provide consulting services focusing on Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), broadcast and technical services, channel affiliate marketing, Video-on-Demand (VOD), and other mediums of programming delivery.

Our Partners

Multi Channels Asia reaches into all markets. We are able to achieve our market immersion by appointing qualified distributors in local markets or by partnering with the strong industry players. We leverage long term relationships in with our partners and distributors in Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.